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Services and Artwork Agreement

This is a contract that documents our agreement, as follows: 

1.    Who: _______________________________(client) agrees to hire artist Keisha Casiano (artist) to paint a Mural.

2.   What: The size of the Mural will be: __________________. The subject and details of the mural includes:                 ___________________________________________________________________________________________


3.   When: The work will begin on ________________________________________, or on the next mutually                     agreeable date. I estimate the painting will take between ___ and ___days to complete. I can give you a                 better idea of timing once I begin the project. 

4.   Where: The Mural will be painted at ______________________________________. You represent that you have         the authority to retain me for this purpose. 

5.   How Much: You agree to pay me a Fee of ____________ for the Mural. This includes all of my travel, time and        materials.

  • Deposit and Final Payment: A design deposit is due with this signed contract. This amount is applied as a credit towards the total cost of the mural. A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the mural is due two weeks before work begins. The outstanding balance is due in full within 30 days (NET30) of the completion date of the mural. 

  • Change Orders: If you would like to change the scope of the Mural after we sign this contract, the cost of the mural will also be revised. We can agree to the new price by sending a confirming email, or we can amend this contract. 

      Cancellation: Because I may have turned down other work in order to keep my commitment to you, the             following cancellation terms apply: 

  • If you cancel this contract more than [three] days before I am scheduled to start work, I will refund your deposit. 

  • If you cancel this contract within [three] days from when I am scheduled to start work, I will retain your full deposit. 

6. Other Important Stuff:

  • Copyright and License to Enjoy: I am painting a Mural for you on your property, but I retain all copyrights to the Mural and the images of the piece. Under this Agreement, you are granted an unlimited license to use and enjoy the Mural for personal purposes, but not for reproduction, resale or other purposes. I will be taking pictures of the finished Mural for my records and portfolio. 

  • Some Things that I Guarantee; Some Things that I Don’t: You are hiring me because you have seen some of my other work, either in person or on my website. While I am working on your Mural, I guarantee you that I will give it my full artistic attention and effort. However, as much as I want you to be happy with the Mural that I paint for you, I cannot and do not guarantee that this will be the case. Once I am finished with the Mural, as described above, you will owe me the balance due, without reduction or contingencies in case it does not turn out exactly as you anticipated. 


By signing below, you represent that you have read this contract and agree to all of the terms. 


___________________________________                              ______________________________ 

Client signature                                                                   Date


___________________________________                              ______________________________ 

Keisha Casiano, Owner of Murals by Keisha                         Date



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